Juan Pablo Cámara is a choreographer and performer from Argentina, currently based in Europe.
He started his education in Dance and Theatre while living in Buenos Aires, where he also worked as an actor and performer. In 2013 he moved to Amsterdam to study in the School for New Dance Development (SNDO), from which he graduated in 2017. 

His artistic practice fluctuates between making his own works, creating in collaboration with other artists, and working as a performer in distinct projects.
His choreographic research dialogues with contemporary problematics such as artificiality, identity construction and dis{}embodiment as a means to reflect upon the precariousness of cultural and social constructs.
He investigates around mediated relationships established with surroundings and amongst selves, creating narratives and identities that could problematize the ways in which language (bound to a human ontology) determines our experience and perception of reality.

His work has been presented in Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, Madrid, Lisbon and Poland. He performs and performed for choreographers Jefta van Dinther, Michele Rizzo, Adam Linder, Kat Valastur, among others.