Before breathing the unknown air, before
unplugging the self, before self-alienating, body
desperately clings to the memory of human.
What is the human here? The instinct of survival,
the act of curiosity, the moment of ephemeral
relation of meanings, the lonely feeling behind existing?

Two subjects inhabit a space that seems to be a no-place, a lost area, a virtual site. In it, the relationship between the parts denotes an otherness, a sense of obliqueness. A sealed box appears as something that comes from another time, remains of a lost, forgotten future; several pieces of technology do not make up a whole; words that want to dialogue with the present moment are suspended in the air, resonating in the space.

In an un-rendered virtual, unknown to senses mechanisms reveal their secret capacities.

Concept and Choreography: Juan Pablo Cámara
Created and perform by: Andrea Zavala Folache & Juan Pablo Cámara
Dramaturgical Advice: Bruno Listopad, Michele Rizzo, Nikola Knežević

Presented at
REALÍTÍC Festival, Frascati Theatre, Amsterdam, 2017

ITS Festival, Brakke Grond Theatre, Amsterdam, 2017
Me gustas Pixelad_ Festival, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, 2019