I remember the last episode but not the last anecdote

                                      performance in collaboration with Aaron Ratajczyk


In this episode there is neither past nor future, and the present is uncertain. The other is an extension of us and the self becomes the crutch of the other.

In an attempt to live together, we deliberately lost the memory of what we once called home.
A hybrid body is emerging, as if to facilitate a blind search for common ground, for anything that could be left; like an oxidized crust of a landscape.

I remember the last episode but not the last anecdote.


What did you see?
Where were we?

Are they coming?
Did we say at eleven?

How does it feel?
What did you say?

Where can I put it?
Where is my stuff?

Where is my shit?
Where is my fucking shit?

Are we inside?
Is it clear now?

How many do you see?
What is the difference?

Presented at

Jacuzzi XI-XI, Amsterdam, 2017

ANTI PASTI, Berlin, 2018

Present Performance Festival, Gdansk, Poland, 2018

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