Dark Field Analysis

Dark Field Analysis calls upon the intensity of being alive by placing us humans in relation to other forms of life. In the performance, organic blends with synthetic, human with animal and material with ethereal.

A long conversation unfolds between two naked men on a carpet; the topic of blood running as a red thread throughout the performance.

Dark Field Analysis draws its name from a branch of alternative medicine that uses dark field microscopy to diagnose systemic bodily conditions originating in the blood. But the conversation between the two men encompasses more than medical facts. Here, blood serves as an analogy for looking inwards and outwards: Into and beyond our selves.


Choreography and direction:  Jefta van Dinther | Created and performed by: Juan Pablo Cámara and Roger Sala Reyner | Lighting design: Minna Tiikkainen | Scenography: Cristina Nyffeler | Sound design: David Kiers | Songs: Based on the tracks ”The Slow Drug” and ”Horses in my Dreams” by PJ Harvey | Text: Jefta van Dinther, Juan Pablo Camara and Roger Sala Reyner | Assistant choreographer: Thiago Granato | Artistic advice: Gabriel Smeets and Felix Bethge | Technical coordination: Bennert Vancottem | Art Direction: Martin Falck

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