Slip through
       my finger

Am I ready(?)
What if I mistakenly fall through? 
Will I stay awake?

In this project, Mami Kang and Juan Pablo Cámara, both graduated from the School for New Dance Development (SNDO), render their ongoing desire to collaborate and start a choreographic research together.
“Fantasizing with the idea of bodies that continuously transform through the action of devouring its direct surroundings, we playfully attempt to (de)form the space between a bittersweet intimacy and a savoury detachment.” 

Slip through my finger is a chronicle of intertwined dramas and tragicomic characters. It is a constellation of slippery episodes that keep on morphing into one another, as if belonging to a nest of volatile and inconsistent potentialities.

Presented at Come Together, Frascati Theatre
Amsterdam, 2020