the Zero

oɹǝZ ǝɥʇ

performance in collaboration with Zander Porter

Zero is
a hypocenter:

a ground zero warzone staging a
never-before-seen battle.

the rules of combat are described by
a computationally-encoded treemap.

the treemap is a node-matrix of
relationality, where nodes
are defined by states of
embodiment both performers enter
with telepathic, ultra-connected immediacy.

rehearsed through eye-to-eye-contact
(and sometimes “hand-to-hand combat”),

the Zero's matrix permits accelerated  transitions,
unforeseen evolutions, and the erosion of identification.

the Zero is a memory algorithm.
an emptied nest, it is a choreography
welcoming a hoar of new figures,
fictions, species, and meshes always sitting at the edges of representation. 

The Zero premiered for Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM 2020. (Documentation images © Refik Sancar & Kristi Giambattista [SomoS].) The Zero was invited to be developed further in residency at Trauma Bar und Kino and the project’s TreeMap (below), with text accompanying, was published in This Container by *rile.

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